Bara '97 Elite


Barca Futebol Clube -   Where Soccer Isn’t Just a Game, It’s a Way of LIFE!!


Head Coach:           Robertson (Coach Roby)         571-723-3112       

Team Manager:     Shanin Quashie           703-624-3526     

Team Commitment:    Players are required to attend all practice sessions, league games and tournaments.  The team practices a minimum two days a week with possible additional weekend practices.  Players and parents must be fully committed to the program and demonstrate consistent participation in order to remain in good standing. 

League:        Region I Champions League Elite, NPL, EDP, NCSL                

Fall 2016 Training:     Barca 97 Elite will return to play in Spring 2017 -  U19 State Cup, U23 League play

Summer Program:    Contact the Coach or Manager directly for information on summer training, camps, 3 v3 events and other programming. 

2016-2017 Season Estimated Costs:

Estimated costs  $ n/a  year ( Fall / Spring ).  These fees include but are not limited to the following:

  • Club Fee ( Initial Online Deposit )
    • League fee, Insurance, State,  Club Operations  ( See full club fee section on the website )
  • Team Fees
    • Coaches fee ( Paid )
    • Two Tournaments
    • Fall / Spring Training
    • Team operations
    • EDP, NPL, Region I

Team Operations:   The team manager acts as liaison between the parents and the coach.  Parents are expected to participate in team operations such as fundraisers and club support activities.  The team conducts a minimum 3 fundraisers per season.

Code of Conduct:   Players and parents must adhere to the Barca FC code of conduct as well as all League, State, Tournament and event rules & guidelines.   Players and parents must read and sign the respected Club of Conduct and turn into the team manager.



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